Turn-key ATN Router

In order to provide the cost-effective, seamless world-wide air traffic management system required for the next century, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has defined a future concept known as CNS/ATM (Communication Navigation Surveillance / Air Traffic Management). It is based on a set of new technologies aiming at providing a new supporting infrastructure for ATM, essentially based on satellites complemented by a set of ground-based technologies. Along with satellite-based navigation (GNSS), the Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) is the main cornerstone of CNS/ATM. It has been designed to allow seamless data communications all over the world between air traffic management organisations, airlines and the aircraft, in order for these three parties to better co-ordinate their actions.

Product Description

The ProATN* software package is a set of components that answers the ICAO ATN requirements for running operational services:

The ProATN Router Stack has been developped in collaboration with the French air navigation service provider (DSNA/DTI, previously STNA). The ProATN SNMP Agent has been developped by the French air navigation service provider (DSNA/DTI).

The ProATN software package is available on several platforms, in particular LINUX based systems.

The ProATN software package is composed of a set of software components that can be selected independently on from the others, to build solutions compliant with the customer requirements (from experimental to fully operational ATN routers, integrated into a global operational system management).

The following components constitute the ProATN software package:

Monitoring ToolR2MS AgentR2MS AgentATN RouterSNMP AgentSNMP AgentConfiguration ToolATN RouterSubnetworks


The core of the package is the ProATN ATN Router stack. It is a self-contained software that implements the ATN router functions. It has a powerful built-in local management interface that permits to configure and entirely administer the ATN resources.

Standards support

Protocol support

  • CLNP (ISO 8473)
  • ES-IS (ISO 9542)
  • IS-IS (ISO 10589)
  • IDRP (ISO 10747)

Supported Subnetworks

Ground-Ground Air-Ground
X.25 (ISO 8208) VDL mode 2
IP V4 and V6 Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service (SATCOM AMSS)
Ethernet LAN and FDDI LAN Mode S

Operating Systems

The ProATN SNMP Agent is an agent that offers remote administration capability. It permits to fully configure and/or monitor any of the ProATN Router stack resources. It implements a dedicated ATN MIB (MIB-II compatible). Its standardized interface (compliant with SNMP version 1, 2 and 3) permits to easily integrate the management of the ProATN Router Stack in a wider management infrastructure (NMS COTS). In case such integration is not required, the ProATN SNMP Manager provides a fully operational solution for managing a network of ProATN routers through a GUI based interface.

The ProATN SNMP Manager is an GUI based ATN network management tool that offers remote administration capability of a network of ProATN ATN routers. This tool interract with the ProATN SNMP Agent sending SNMP requests and receiving SNMP responses and traps messages.

It permits to monitor the major operational information available on each ProATN Router stack such as:

Alarm messages received from the ProATN routers are displayed on a dedicated portion of the HMI.

Several network traffic statistic information are available and displayed as graphical time-graphs.

In addition administration actions are available through contextual menues (such as activate and deactivate ATN resources, start and stop the ProATN router...).

The ProATN SNMS Configuration Tool is a GUI based ATN network configuration tool that permits to easily and quickly build an ATN network. Through a user friendly interface, it permits as well to specify in very details any ATN configuration parameter of each node. This tool can run on a platform dedicated to Management activities, or on the same platform as the one running the ProATN Router Stack.

The ProATN SNMS Resilient Agent allows the building of a high availability redundant ATN router node. Such node is composed of an operational system and a backup system. When the agent detects software or hardware failure on the operational router, it automatically triggers a recovery procedure on the backup system in order to restore the ATN service. Several redundant sub-network interfaces may be handled in order to increase service availability.

The ProATN SNMS Monitoring Tool is a GUI based manager that permits to control and supervise any of the ProATN based system. It permits to handle the ATN configuration parameters (ProATN Router Stack resources) as well as the resilient one. The agent-manager relation is built on a proprietary protocol (TCP based). This tool can run on a platform dedicated to Management activities, or on the same platform as the one running the ProATN Router Stack. The following actions are available directly through contextual menus of the SNMS monitoring tool main display:

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